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Category: Associations
National Cleaners Association  
NCA is a trade association which serves the owners of small and large cleaners in cities and towns around the world. As our name suggests, NCA members are neighbors to others in their community. These cleaners care about the cleaning industry, the care of garments and the operation of a professional service business. NCA is the association to which these cleaners can turn for information, education and training, support, representation at the local, state and national political levels and a sense of association with others who care about their chosen profession.
http://www.nca-i.com/  Sectors : Associations   Dry Cleaning    Industry  Spares  
Laundry and Cleaning News  
With a history spanning nearly more than 120 years Laundry and Cleaning News can justifiably claim to be the journal of record and reference.
Internationally it is the unique, effective and affordable medium to reach every sector of the textile care industry. Reflect on the fact that our circulation embraces 125 countries.
Further, the journal is No.1 in the UK market.
Couple this with an independently audited circulation, paid-for copies, a comprehensive Yearbook and the market leading website www.laundryandcleaningnews.com and you will understand LCN's acknowledged world standing.
For a free sample copy e-mail LCN@wilmington.co.uk
Visit us at : http://www.laundryandcleaningnews.com.
http://www.laundryandcleaningnews.com  Sectors : Spares   Associations  Dry Cleaning  Environment      
National Clotheslines  
National Clothesline provides news and information needed by garment care professionals to be successful in a rapidly changing industry. Nearly 30,000 cleaners and their suppliers throughout the United States and around the world receive it monthly by mail -- and now each current issue along with recent issues are available conveniently and quickly on the Web.
http://www.natclo.com/  Sectors : Spares   Associations    
Western Cleaner and Launderer  
Western Cleaner & Launderer has a long history of service to the industry, working closely with allied trade organizations, suppliers and plant owners. Since its birth in 1960, the publication has been "The Best in the West" with high quality editorial and advertising which has come to be synonymous with the name -- Western Cleaner and Launderer. Informing readers of governmental regulations and changing technology, Western Cleaner & Launderer has an outstanding track record of keeping the industry on top of important issues with up-to-the-minute information
http://www.wcl-online.com/  Sectors : Associations     Dry Cleaning  
AMERICAN LAUNDRY NEWS - Complimentary Subscription Form  
You have the opportunity to join a select group of institutional laundry managers who receive AMERICAN LAUNDRY NEWS free of charge. Published monthly, AMERICAN LAUNDRY NEWS focuses on coverage of issues facing the industry: productivity, technology, labor, workplace safety, the environment and more. It's news you can use to be better prepared to meet the challenges of your trade. That's why AMERICAN LAUNDRY NEWS is the Newspaper of Record for Laundry & Linen Management.
http://www.americanlaundrynews.com  Sectors : Associations   Environment  Supplies      
International Fabricare Institute  
International Fabricare Institute: the World's Leading Trade Association for Garment Care. With its education, research, testing and professional training, IFI offers solutions that help member businesses provide expert garment care.
http://www.ifi.org  Sectors : Associations   Supplies  
Western Textile Services Association  
The Western Textile Services Association was founded in 1911 to serve the needs and interests of both industrial and linen supply owners along with those firms who are suppliers to the laundry industry
http://www.wtsa.org  Sectors : Associations     Laundrette    
Lundry and Dry Cleaning Michigang Institute  
THE MILD MISSION IS: "To insure the Michigan fabricare industry the ability to serve the public in an environmentally conscious way, now and in the future relying on critical thinking and an understanding of science and economics."
http://www.mildmi.org/  Sectors : Associations   Leather  Supplies  
Rocky Mountain Fabricare Association  
The purpose of the Rocky Mountain Fabricare Association is to enhance the image and viability of the fabricare industry through education, and development of the skills, talents and professionalism of its membership
http://www.rmfa.org/  Sectors : Associations   Spares      
As a Sanitone licensee and Certified Master Drycleaner, you'll be using the simplest and safest drycleaning process on the market today. As a result, you'll have less reruns, less spotting and most importantly, fewer claims. Your customers will have clothes with more vibrant colors and a pleasing, soft feel. In short, the best drycleaning money can buy.
http://www.sanitone.com/html/home.html  Sectors : Supplies   Associations  Dry Cleaning  
Fabricare Canada  
Published six times per year, the publication is free to qualified industry professionals. Fabricare Canada includes feature articles about innovative business ideas, environmental issues, conferences and exhibitions, as well as industry news, appointments and new product summaries.
http://www.fabricarecanada.com/  Sectors : Associations     
Dry Cleaner's Ad Shop   
Drycleaners Ad Shop brings you some hard facts about marketing. In 2005, on average an individual will have seen 2,904 media messages a day; will have paid attention to 52; have read, listened or watched 24; will have disliked 14. Only 4 were positively remembered, resulting in a 99.9% attrition rate. (Source: Citibank CMO Anne MacDonald, in an October 2005 financial services seminar). If you want your message to be noticed, regardless of the medium used, make sure it's on target and appeals to your consumer base, otherwise, keep the money in the bank and invest in some other form of promotion. This comes back to Marketing ROI. You must be able to answer 'Where can I invest the marketing funds to generate the maximum rate of return for the Company?' This is what the specialists at www.dcadshop.com are here for: to help you maximize your marketing returns.
http://www.dcadshop.com/  Sectors : Associations   Dry Cleaning    Supplies    
California Cleaners Association  
CCA is the largest statewide association representing the legislative, technical, and educational needs of California dry cleaners
http://www.calcleaners.com  Sectors : Associations   Dry Cleaning  
Certified Restoration Drycleaning Network  
CRDN is a nationwide organization of drycleaners who specialize in restoration drycleaning services. We provide proven solutions for the largest portion of the fastest growing category on insurance claims, as clothing, linens and other fabric items account for 23% of goods listed on claims. Importantly, our restoration drycleaning services cost an average of only 16% compared to replacement. Thatıs a savings of 84%. And we guarantee our work; if a garment doesnıt clean, itıs free.
http://www.restorationdrycleaning.com/  Sectors : Associations   Spares  
Texile Care Trade Alliade Association  
The Textile Care Allied Trades Association (TCATA) is an international trade association representing manufacturers and distributors of drycleaning and laundry equipment and supplies. Together, TCATA members represent the majority of supplies and equipment sold in the industry. Founded in 1920, the Association is the only trade association dedicated exclusively to the interests of the allied trades.
http://www.tcata.org  Sectors : Associations   Supplies  
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