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Category: Machinery
UNISEC DRYCLEANING EQUIPMENT, INC. (BEIJING) is a foreign enterprise devoted to design, manufacturing and sales of drycleanign equipment for a long time. SERVISECO SPAIN (BARCELONA) was established in 1977, which was a forerunner of Spain drycleaning industry. Its subsidiary -- UNISEC BEIJING was established in 1994. During the past 5 years, products of UNISEC BEIJING sell directly back to European and American markets, total sales exceeds 500 machines, which is far above its competitors in the same franchise industry.
http://www.unisec.net  Sectors : Equipment   Dry Cleaning  Consulting  Franchising  Industry  
Altec Laundry Equipment  
ALTEC is the North American headquarter for three major European manufacturers of industrial laundry equipment. By working together, each company provides its expertise to the line of product ALTEC offers its customers.
http://www.goaltec.com/  Sectors : Consulting   Equipment  Environment  Dry Cleaning  
Laundry Equip  
Laundryquip was founded in 1982. Based in the United Kingdom, the company supplies industrial laundry machinery and ancillary equipment to the commercial, industrial, healthcare and hotel sector laundries throughout the UK and Europe.
http://www.laundryequip.com  Sectors : Equipment   Consulting  Environment  
Ital Clean  
You can see thequality in each constructive particlar,all our machines are designed in order to have the maximum performance throughout their lives. The use of Perc solvent,joined with sophisticated systems of filtration,offers a high quality of cleaning with low runnung costs following the strictest ecological provisions.
http://www.italclean.com/  Sectors : Equipment   Consulting  Dry Cleaning  Environment  
Founded in 1976, Union S.p.A. is now one of the largest manufacturers of drycleaning machines, and has produced over 20,000 of these for markets worldwide. Having achieved a remarkable, international success in a relatively short time, UNION reassessed its position and significantly expanded its production facilities
http://www.union.stm.it/index.html  Sectors : Equipment   Consulting  Dry Cleaning  
Firbimatic has now attained an international acceptance and success as it exports its machines to over 130 countries around the world. Due to the high quality of the manufacturing process using the most modern and technologically advanced design, exports continue to increase. Firbimatic is recognized as a world leader and has gained acceptance in the promotion of technology that is designed to protect the environment, around the world.
http://www.firbimatic.it  Sectors : Equipment   Consulting  Dry Cleaning  Environment  
is one of the largest manufacturing company of the Dry Cleaning Industry, with more than 40.000 machines sold all over the world. Moreover, it absolutely is the first Italian company that started manufacturing
http://www.maestrelli.com/  Sectors : Equipment   Consulting  Dry Cleaning  Environment  
FORENTA - World-Class Textile Care Solutions  
Forenta manufactures and markets a wide range of products to meet the needs of the textile care industry. Forenta garment presses, steam-air finishing machines, conveyors, dry cleaning machines and miscellaneous other products provide cost effective solutions to the needs of dry cleaners and laundries throughout the world. Forenta designs and builds quality products that are reliable, easy to use and safe. These products are sold and backed up by a worldwide network of dealers that provide recommendations, installation, training and service. Forenta supports this dealer network and their customers with additional service and engineering. Forenta products are sold throughout the world to dry cleaners, five star hotels, cruise ships, naval warships , hospitals and garment manufacturers. Forenta's reputation for its commitment to the customer is unequaled in the fabric care industry.
http://www.forentausa.com/  Sectors : Dry Cleaning   Equipment  Environment  Consulting  Franchising  
Commercial Laundry Equipment Company, Inc.  
Distributor of new, used and rebuilt Washer/Extractors, Drying Tumblers, Ironers, Folders and Energy Saving Systems. Authorized UniMac equipment and parts distributor in southeast Florida.
http://www.commerciallaundryequip.com  Sectors : Equipment   Environment  Consulting  Industry  Leather  
Alex Reid  
Alex Reid is dedicated to providing you with the right quality, price and delivery to keep your business running smoothly
http://www.alexreid.com/  Sectors : Equipment   Consulting  Laundrette  Supplies  
BMC Technologies, Inc.  
BMC Technologies exists to reduce your cost and improve your profits. Take a look at our full line of surprisingly affordable high quality laudry machinery - Washers, Dryers, and Ironers. Drawing from our vast experience in the laundry industry, we keep a large selection of Original Equipment Manufacturer's (OEM) parts on hand that directly fit onto your existing laundry equipment, without the big price that the OEM's charge! We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and flexibility.
http://www.bmctechnologies.com/  Sectors : Consulting   Equipment  Laundrette  Exhibition    
Dalex, Your Supplier  
Dalex, a leader in the Fabricare and Laundry Equipment industry, offers more experience, unsurpassed quality and exceptional value than its competition
http://www.dalex.ca/  Sectors : Equipment   Consulting  Complements  Laundrette  
Pony Italy  
Leading manufacturer of finishing, pressing and spotting machines. Represented in 40 countries by over 200 distributors. Serving the laundry/drycleaning, textile and garment industry since 1958
http://www.ponyitaly.com/  Sectors : Equipment   Consulting  Complements  
Huebesch Laundry Equipment  
Huebsch offers washers, dryers, washer-extactors and tumblers for both coin and on-premise laundry environments. Huebsch laundry equipment delivers reliable performance, energy-saving innovations, and user-friendly features. Huebsch is the sensible investment for any laundry facility
http://www.huebschonline.com/  Sectors : Equipment   Consulting  Environment  Dry Cleaning  
Aerotech USA  
This new process not only cleans and freshens garments faster and more economically than currently used methods, it eliminates the health, environmental, customer, landlord and regulatory problems associated with traditional “Perc” dry cleaning…as well as the zoning, flammability, odor, pollution and cost issues with alternative processes using liquid Carbon Dioxide, Silicone, Glycol Ether and Hydrocarbon solvents.
http://www.drywetcleaning.com/  Sectors : Equipment   Consulting  Leather  
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